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When is a door a window?

Inspired by our islands abundance of cultural influences, each of our rooms opens a window onto the landscape of our rich heritage.

At Coblentz Inn Boutique Hotel your room is the view.


In 1845 the first boat of East Indian indentured labourers arrived on our shores bringing with it a people and a culture steeped in mystical legend, festivals and symbolism, who settled primarily in the central region of Trinidad.

Central celebrates the majesty, the grace of a people who have brought so much from India, to our islands, Trinidad and Tobago.

River Lime

From the celebrations of baptisms to the Hindu spring festival, Ganga Dharaa, the river is a source that serves to renew the spirit with laughter, the company of friends, family and community. A good river lime will fill the belly and the soul.

We invite you to order from our Call in Cuisine menu, flip open “Views from the Ridge”, and relax in the sheer delight of a river lime of your own.

The Oval

This room is rooted in the passion of West Indies cricket.

The mural behind your bed depicts a typical test match at The Oval with Lara at the crease, having sent the ball flashing to the boundary, and South African Jonty Rhodes diving in attempt to catch.

We hope this passion resonates with you and when you return it will be with a request for a ticket to the test match on at The Oval. Trust us, it will be an experience you will not soon forget.

Down the Islands

Down The Islands is a whimsical room inspired by the small islands sitting placidly off the northwest tip of Trinidad.

Each with unique qualities and history, the islands now serve as an ocean playground for weekenders who have either rented or own an island home in one of the cozy bays.

When you say you are going to one of these islands for a weekend, you say, “I'm going down the islands”.


Our oasis in Port-of-Spain, a respite from the business of our lives, and enclosed by the beauty of the colonial masterpieces, the Magnificent Seven, the Savannah welcomes all, communities, families and friends to partake in its charms.

We hope that you enjoy the whimsical touches we've created in our Savannah room and it becomes a respite from your busy day.

This Old House

The photographs and memorabilia on the walls around you are enchanting reminders of a period in our history that was marked primarily by English and European influences.

We cordially invite you to sip one of the fine complimentary teas provided in your kitchenette, sit back and relax in the genteel elegance of This Old House.

Cocoa House

When in The Cocoa House, it is easy to imagine yourself shrouded in a moist forest, canopied by the wet, glistening red, amber and gold leaves of the cocoa trees.

The Rum Shop

In The Rum Shop you will find yourself keeping company with the spirit of a recently closed rum shop, an institution of ‘liming', The Pelican. For over a generation, ‘Pelos' served many a rum to ‘limers' that ranged in age from 18 to 80, from all political, social, ethnic and economic persuasions.

Government House

In the midst of historical memorabilia, like the framed emblem of the Federation of the West Indies, and the writings by provocative local political figures on the bookshelf beside your bed, you may be inspired to consider a political life of your own. If you had the opportunity to govern our islands, what might you do?

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