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The Savannah

If you sit on a bench around the Queen's Park savannah on any given day, you will play witness to the throbbing rhythm of this island. Early morning joggers pass you as the coconut vendors emerge from their vans, wiping the sleep form their eyes as the sun sparkles on the dew soaked grass and the poui flowers drift lazily to the ground creating a carpet of yellow or pink. As the morning progresses and the shadows change on the fretwork of the Magnificent Seven buildings, the Prime Minister arrives for work at White Hall and the street is busy with morning commuters.

If it is Carnival Monday or Tuesday, bejeweled revelers will strut by on their way to meet their ‘band' at the Savannah stage, you may see J'Ouvert stragglers and a pan side or two. If it is Easter, the skies above are painted with darting and floating, colourful kites, much like the whimsical mural in your bathroom.

By afternoon the Savannah is teeming with joggers and becomes a sporting ground for footballers, rugby players and cricketers, all carving out a space for their activities. By nightfall, families will stop for fresh coconut water, or oysters, enjoyed in the golden light of flambeaux.

Our oasis in Port-of-Spain, a respite from the business of our lives, and enclosed by the beauty of the colonial masterpieces, the Magnificent Seven, the Savannah welcomes all, communities, families and friends to partake in its charms.

We hope that you enjoy the whimsical touches we've created in our Savannah room and it becomes a respite from your busy day.

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