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There is so much we would like to tell you about the exquisite comfort of our Inn but we felt you should hear it from the guests who've already taken the opportunity to experience our unique boutique hotel.

January 2007

KHALID WHO??? Restaurant remains excellent only because of staff
January 2007

Duo of beef was divine.

- Morgan Lewis

January 2006

Brilliant as ever. Fantastic food. Excellent Staff. Wonderful outdoor dinning and fantastic atmosphere. Great Scotch selection. See you guys soon.

- Mark and Bev

February 2006

A lovely ambience and fabulous food


To the Battimamzelle crew

The cuisine was outstanding. Big up to the chef. Compliments to the friendly staff for their services.

Duane, Lynn, Darrenn and Gregory
SPIN D MUSIC crew of
Sydney Australia

The food was awesome. Great Service, All the best

Steve and Marily

April 2006

Executive producers of the festival. We will stay here in Trinidad

Barrett Laroda
The Laroda Group Inc
Laroda Brothers Limited
Tobago Jazz Festival

May 2006

Great Meal, Thank you, Will be back

Mathew Balfour
Tech Voc group
Ministry of Education

June 2006

Thank you for a wonderful meal. It was magically delicious

Heather Jones
New York

The Oval

Will not stay in any other hotel than Coblentz Inn Boutique Hotel– rooms are beautiful, excellent decoration and very clean. Staff and management very kind with guests. Now I know why it is so difficult to get reservations. Congratulations. Keep up the good work.

Alvaro Gonzales
Caracas, Venezuela


But really what separates the wheat from the chaff is your people… the staff all so young and bright and fun. The days go by and we're content to loaf and lime, sleep in the Riverlime. It's hard to leave the comfort of the room.

Ted and Linda Dickinson

My first trip to Trinidad was a very pleasant one thanks to your friendly and welcoming staff. The room is so beautifully furnished and really cozy. I felt like home.

H. Valascuez
Houston, Texas


Coblentz Inn Boutique Hotel was a delight to stay in. The Central made sure that it won't be my last visit to Trinidad. When I walked in, the room took me by surprise. My aim now is to discover what secrets all the other rooms in Coblentz Inn Boutique Hotel possess. The staff here are fantastic and the owner is a treat to chat with.
Thanks for everything I'll be back.

June 2005

I was truly impressed by the Attention to detail which was depicted in this Indian styled room. From the jewelry to the photos depicting the Indian culture and the books on the various aspects of Indian life in Trinidad, it became a bit more than a hotel room. It was a learning experience.
The colours are wonderful and exude warmth. Certainly worth a feature in Island Life Magazine.

Christine Ferreira
Island Life Media Group.

Thank you very much for getting the opportunity to stay in such a unique place! Every detail is so wonderful. I even found some in my dreams. When staying in Port-of-Spain I definitely will stay here again. Thank you.

Vielen Hezlichen Dank
A. Petersen

Thank you for making our 18th anniversary one that we will never forget. Well done. Keep up the good work.

Wayne and Alison

The Government House

Excellent, refined, attention to detail, soothing and warm.

Clemente Berriors Jr.
Puerto Rico, USA
April 2005

Had a wonderful time in the Government House, dinner at Battimamzelle was fantastic – everyone at the hotel was friendly and warm, a great experience.

Peter and Neilsa

Exceptionally polite and responsive service and a very relaxing and soothing atmosphere. The food wow…! Great! thank you for making our Honey Moon night a wonderful one!

Mr. and Mrs. John
June 2005

Thank you for excellent service. The room was great.

Raphael and Shakila
August 2005

Cocoa House

From the name itself, I didn't know what to expect when I opened the door. My friend who came a day ahead of me checked it out and told me I'd love the colours and I did! The different shades of brown were welcoming after a long day at the office. I must say that the décor is to die for especially the frame made of wood plank… talk about imagination and creativity – 2 thumbs up to the designer. ps: Big up to the staff like Laverne and Curtis!


The Rum Shop

The Rum Shop is a breath taking experience. The service here is excellent….all who work here are friendly and helpful.….. The accommodation is very comfortable and my four other friends at the Hilton are very jealous of the service we are receiving here. If I am back in Trinidad to stay in a hotel it will always be here…. I always thought that my company provided great customer service and now I know what it feels like to receive customer service which is second to none in the hotel industry. Thanks

Shennette Gregory
August 2005

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