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The Rum Shop
If you haven't been in Trinidad long enough to understand the meaning of the word ‘lime', the book Cote Ce, Cote La, our local dialect dictionary, defines it as, “an any location, any event pleasure occasion”. As you may imagine, there is not many a good ‘lime' that happens in Trinidad and Tobago without the presence of at least one bottle of rum.

According to RUM, by Dave Broom, rum makers have been slavers, pirates, smugglers and artists. Rum, “that crazy sugar cane juice”, was invented in a time when pirates became Governors. It's own history ensures that it is distilled with the spirit of rebellion.

In The Rum Shop you will find yourself keeping company with the spirit of a recently closed rum shop, an institution of ‘liming', The Pelican. For over a generation, ‘Pelos' served many a rum to ‘limers' that ranged in age from 18 to 80, from all political, social, ethnic and economic persuasions.

To truly enjoy the ambience of your room, release the spirit from the bottle of rum in your min-fridge, join the lime at the Pelican table and become a ‘limer' yourself.



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