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This Old House


Imagine yourself, at the turn of the 20th century, taking an afternoon stroll on Frederick Street, amidst wooden colonial style houses. At that time in Trinidad, your native language could have been French, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Arabic or even Chinese and you greet fellow neighbours and passersby, as horse drawn carriages or donkey carts amble along slowly beside you in the street.

You wear a hat or possibly delicate lace gloves and carry a parasol, or are soothed by the rhythmic tap of your cane as it hits the ground below you. The sun is setting as make your way home. If you lived in Trinidad then, your home would have been This Old House.

This Old House is a commemoration of the homes of our colonial past. As you walk on wooden floors, surrounded by rich mahogany, an embroidered duvet, lace curtains, hand carved fretwork and finely etched glass, you enter a space and time before cellular phones, the internet and fax machines. A time when urgent messages were sent by telegraph and your trade might have been the export of local sugar and cocoa.

The photographs and memorabilia on the walls around you are enchanting reminders of a period in our history that was marked primarily by English and European influences.

We cordially invite you to sip one of the fine complimentary teas provided in your kitchenette, sit back and relax in the genteel elegance of This Old House.

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