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Down The Islands
Down The Islands is a whimsical room inspired by the small islands sitting placidly off the northwest tip of Trinidad. Monos, a home for the red howler monkey, Gasparee renowned for its caves, Chacachacare housed a leper colony and Nelson Island was the first port of call for landed immigrants. Each with unique qualities and history, the islands now serve as an ocean playground for weekenders who have either rented or own an island home in one of the cozy bays. It is a haven for water sports, sailing, fishing and deep, serene relaxation. When you say you are going to one of these islands for a weekend, you say, “I'm going down the islands”

After a long sleep inspired by the salty sea breeze and adrift in watery dreams, you crack open the weathered wooden window of your room, to lay witness to the rising sun as it wakes a day full of the promise of laughter and good times. You slather on the sun block, put on your swimsuit, and join the gathering on the jetty.

Having taken an exhilarating swim, you pull a chair to lounge on the wooden jetty and now basking in the mid morning sun, the sound of the ocean gently lapping onto the shore line lulls your thoughts away from all worldly musings. As your body absorbs the sun, you feel a smile creep to your lips, you open your eyes for a moment, watch the clouds gently changing shape and imagine yourself on the majestic yacht drifting along the distant horizon.

By your third rum cocktail, you amuse yourself with the idea of being shipwrecked on a deserted island and in between deep sighs of satisfaction, you recognize that serenity has swept over you, because your only thought is, what's for lunch?

Central Down the Islands Cocoa House
River Lime Savannah The Rum Shop
Oval This Old House Government House
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